Monday, June 1, 2009


It's been a day of ups and downs, but it's ending on a fabulous high note. I was extended an offer from a company I am very excited to work for this afternoon and I'll be accepting it in the morning, therefore ending my year of unemployment.

The wave of relief I am feeling is amazing. I am breathing deeper than I have in months and I have a feeling a fabulous night's sleep is ahead of me.

I can't help but wonder, however, if there is a connection between Phil and I finally attending church together yesterday for the first time as a couple (outside of Christmas) and me getting this offer today?? We picked out an ELCA Lutheran church - which also happens to house the new preschool Logan started this week - and began our journey together. Being raised Catholic and attending a Lutheran college, I knew I wanted to be at a church with a traditional service but I also wanted Phil to be comfortable...and since he was raised ELCA, that's the direction we went. The message on Sunday was about hospitality...Pentacost Sunday when Jesus turned the water into wine at a wedding...and it was kind of fitting because we were hosting Phil's parents all weekend - who also attended church with us - and we headed to my parents house for brunch immediately following church - which was also an expression of hospitality. I didn't pray about my job situation necessarily yesterday morning...I just prayed for an open heart and for patience (kind of a mantra for me lately). Today, I get the offer. I'm just sayin'...

Good Shepherd...I think you'll be seeing this family again. We felt your hospitality and will be returning to share our Sunday morning with you again.

God...thanks for smiling on me today...

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