Friday, November 21, 2008

My Least Favorite Phrase...

I love language. I love words...I love to read them and sing them and say them. I love poetry. I love novels. I love cliches. I love Shakespeare. I even kind of enjoyed Chaucer. I love words in other languages...Italian being one of my favorites. I once sang an aria for a vocal competition in Italian and I swear, my voice sounded better in that language than in my own. I love words said in whispers...I love phrases shouted from under bridges so they echo. I love baby babble that sounds like they understand perfectly what they are saying complete with inflection and passion and question marks and explaination points. I love my son's voice - 99% of the time...even when he has said "Hey momma?" for the ten-thousandth time that day.

There is one thing he says, however, that makes me cringe and roll my eyes everytime.

"Momma!!! Come Wipe ME!!!"

Oh god. Yes, I have one of those kids. I have one of those kids that yells that phrase and I hate it. The catch 22 is that if I tell him to stop or if I teach him to do it himself, it's not going to get done right and then I'll have a whole new set of problems to deal until I can be assured that the job back there will be done up to my standards, I have THAT kid. So gross. So frickin' classy, right?? You have the girls over for a glass of wine or you and your honey are snuggling on the couch and and from the back of the house you hear "hey momma??? MOMMA??? Mooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhh!! Come wipe me, Momma!!!!! I'm Done And I need you to wipe my butt". I know it's normal and lots of moms deal with it. I hate it. makes me crazy.


Heather said...

Funny! At least he doesn't crap in his pants!! Get some of those Kandoo flushable wipes and let him learn! Funny entry! HeatherL

Jess said...

LOL I feel ya girlfriend!! Connor will do the same!

Minxy Mimi said...

Well, I guess you gotta go woth the flow!
I am sure your honey understands!~