Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yeah, yeah...Happy Holidays...now get out of my Frickin' way!!!

I do love this time of year. I love making plans with family and friends to celebrate simply the fact that you have each other. I love all the various kinds of foods...all the traditions...all the holiday craziness we all get sucked into every year.

Along with all the craziness is, actual CRAZY-ness. People. Are. Crazy. Today, I'm running around doing my own pre-Thanksgiving errands, one being filling up my tank at CostCo. From the other side of the pump, I'm hearing a string of explictives that even a sailor would raise a brow to coming from a 75+ year old lady who is struggling to get the pump to work for her. Now, I'm a nice person...and typically I would have peeked around the pump to offer some help...however after listening her cuss out the touchpad, I no longer wanted to get involved. Does frustration just set in faster within a week of a Holiday? I just hopped in my car and went on to my next stop...being the grocery store. I knew by the looks of the parking lot that this was not the wisest move...but the decision between just doing it in the afternoon or waiting and bring my 3.5 year old later in the evening just seemed obvious...so in I went. Word to the wise - SET YOUR ALARM AND HIT THE 24 HOUR STORE AT 2AM. Perhaps, just maybe, possibly, it will be slightly less busy than what I experienced today. And another piece of advice?? HEY CUB FOODS - Do NOT feed the animals the week of Thanksgiving...and please please please never set up a sample station at the end of the baking isle again the week of a holiday. You caused complete shopping cart gridlock. People cannot eat samples and drive a cart...so they'd take their sample and come down the baking isle to simply stop and enjoy it with no regard to those around them. It seems from my experience today, the age of the shopper also effects their conscienceness of those around them trying to do their own shopping. Would the thought ever cross the mind of a 65-70 year old lady that you could pull AHEAD of the brown sugar and then turn around to look at it rather than block the entire selection with your cart while you stare at the 4 various brands before making your choice???

Now, at least I was shopping alone. I was not one of the fellow moms in the store who were toting child(ren). However, if your children have outgrown the cart, please give them new rules...like please give the OTHER carts right of way...and please stick close to your chaperone. Shuffling next to your mother's cart, refusing to move from her side does me no good when trying to pass you in the ethnic foods isle.

Like I said...I DO enjoy the holidays...and I'm fully responsible for procrastinating my errands until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and bringing all this upon myself. I just urge you, fellow bloggers and blog readers...if you could give mankind a gift this holiday season - please be more self-aware when out in public. I know your list is important, but is not paying attention to others in your path part of the deal?? I know my heals would appreciate if you were aware that you are not the only one pushing a cart around at Mach5 on a busy afternoon. We're all trying to make our holidays wonderful and memorable...and if I have to deal with society like I did today one more time - I might just go postal!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


Heather said...

LMBO!! That was funny! And, I was with you until you got to the rules for kids!! My two year old goes be-bopping along "kind of" near me!! I think I say "excuse us" more in one trip than I have previously in my whole life. But...I enjoy it!! :D A funny entry! HeatherL from AMP

Susan said...

I totally agree with you! LOL

I have an award for you on my blog!