Friday, December 12, 2008

I love Christmas Cards...

I love the holidays for many many reasons...but one of my very favorite parts is receiving Christmas Cards. I love going to the mail box and finding some 'fun' mail in there rather than the typical mail. Now that I'm (gasp) getting older, I love getting cards from my friends who have had kids...I love seeing who the kids are looking like and how big they've gotten. I love that someone took the time to think of my family and I admist the insanity of the season.

I also love to SEND Christmas cards and I love making sure my card is unique...a card that someone will open and say "wow!! This is cool!!". I love letting people know that I love them and that I sincerely hope they have wonderful holidays.


HeatherL said...

That's so sweet! And it's not materialistic either. It's nice that you care so much about your friends and family that you really want to hear from them. That's a good example for your kids too. I give you an A+ Merry Christmas!

Jess @ NBP said...

So Sweet! I agree with you. I've been getting cards in the mail everyday since last week and it feels great my wall is half covered in them. :)

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