Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Couple questions...

1. If Americans are getting bigger all the time - heavier and taller and all-around bigger - then why are airplane seats getting smaller and closer together all the time??

2. How come after a nice long and hard workout you don't look as thin as you feel?

3. I've been gone for 6 days - how come Logan's vocabulary and personality grows in the 6 days I'm gone and not in the past 6 weeks I was here??

4. How come sometimes if I don't have my morning coffee, the headache doesn't set in until nighttime?

5. How come every one elses' parents age except mine??


Andrea said...

Let me answer all your questions with my massive expertise and knowledge
1. because that would cost the airlines money
2. because working out takes forevah to pay off, i mean forevah
3. because logan hears your voice all the time and tunes you out, it's normal
4. because all evil things, like my antidepressents and your caffiene take a while to get out of your system to the point that you realize you need more
5. because they want to try any way possible to piss you off

Minxy Mimi said...

Good questions., I think Andrea is a smart cookie, she knows the answers!