Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loving 3.5 years old!!!

I have loved every stage my son has gone thru. I loved the innocence and helplessness of a newborn...I loved the 'every day is something new' of an infant. I loved the toddler for being between baby and big kid...but I'm tellin' ya...this 3 year old phase is a blast. No longer do we need gear to go somewhere...the stroller, the big diaper bag, the snacks, all of it is a thing of the past. There is nothing he can't eat...nothing he can't do. And the best part is that he'll TELL me if he has any concerns...or opinions...or daydreams...or anything else, as that self-editting feature in his brain is not yet connected. We can have conversations that go from what he did in school to what he did last Christmas Eve to what he wants for breakfast the next morning in almost one breath!! I'm also absolutely elated that we defeated potty training!!!! Phil did it, actually. He got ahold of the incentive that sealed the deal - Spiderman tattoos. Press on tattoos that were the reward for doing the business in the office and not in the pants. Suddenly, it clicked. THANK YOU PHIL!!!!!! I was beyond the end of my rope and he got it to click. What a guy!!!

I love that my three year old knows who John McCain is...I'm not sure why he knows that canididate and not the other one, but he does. I love that he still wants to be hugged and kissed in public...nothing is embarrassing...and yet if I ask him to put his shoes on, he can do it. I love that he has a minor conception of time...and if I say "later" or "in 5 minutes" he will indeed remind me that I said we'd do something "later" or "in 5 minutes". I love that he knows his body...and that when something doesn't feel right, he tell me. He grasps the concept of negotiation...and is mastering the art of negotiation just like his mom!! I love that he has definate opinions on what he likes and doesn't like. I love that not only will he sing the nursery rhymes and play songs but he'll also sing along with the radio.

I know that the next age will come and I'll love that one too...but 3.5 is dang fun. I hope that ten years from now, I can still hear his innocent giggling in my head when he's locking himself in his room to get away from me. Think there's still time to make sure he never does that??

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Jess said...

I know the feeling x2. LOL I love all their stages/ages. Right now James is in that cute funny sweet plus mean hateful evil stage(terrible twos), while Connor is in the telling stories, talking about his dreams he had the night before, and being funny at the sametime. Growing up takes a lot of learning. My ticket to getting Connor to finally potty training was to tell him to go hide in the bathroom not under the table after that he's been doing great.